From 18th May 2018, our website will be under construction, therefore we shall be unable to process email enquiries during this time. For advice, please see the other services listed.

Greenwich Citizens Advice Bureau

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An introduction to our services

Greenwich Citizens Advice Bureaux Service is a registered charity, supported by trained volunteers and experienced advisers. We are the first point of contact for Greenwich residents and those who work or study within the Royal Borough of Greenwich who are seeking generalist advice.

Callers can expect an interview to be undertaken at both the drop in session and on the telephone, where we will ask specific questions to help us to understand and assess the help that you need and to ensure that is the most appropriate.

Part of the help we offer may be one or more of the following:

  • Assisted information – guidance on useful websites, including, leaflets and forms that the caller may be able to access and use independently to deal with your problem.
  • Signposting – offering you information about other agencies or organisations, either within the borough or nationwide, who may be better able to help you.
  • Advice – this would be short advice to enable you to take the next steps with your problem, or maybe help with a phone call or a letter to find out what is happening with your case.
  • An appointment at the bureaux – this is where we feel that your problem is one that we can help with and needs more in depth investigation or advice.
  • A specialist referral – we work alongside specialist agencies such as the Plumstead Community Law Centre, Greenwich Housing Rights and the Greenwich Money Advice Service. If your problem is one that requires specialist help, we shall do our best to refer you to one of these agencies, without you having to come/call back.

If we are unable to refer to one of our partners, we shall do our best to find an agency that can help.

What our users’ may expect from us:

  • When you telephone us, we shall identify who we are – Greenwich Citizens Advice Bureau.
  • We shall explain that our service is offered to those who live, study or work within the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
  • We shall inform you about how we keep our records and ask your permission to do so.
  • Provide an interview.
  • If we have agreed to call you back, we shall do so within a reasonable time.
  • If you are offered an appointment, it will be for a minimum of thirty minutes.
  • We will explain where your appointment will take place, where it is located and how to gain access. Where time permits, we shall confirm this in writing to you.

What we expect from our users:

  • Abuse in any form is not tolerated, therefore we ask that you treat staff with respect and courtesy – we are doing our best to help you.
  • That you follow the advice that you have been given – this way, you may not need to return to us and the resources we have are not wasted.
  • That you provide all the information about your problem – this will enable us to provide you with the best advice to resolve your problem.
  • That you attend appointments as arranged and on time – if you fail to cancel an appointment, you may not be offered another.