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David is self-employed and has sublet his property with the landlord’s permission. He has a joint tenancy with his parents. His wife is pregnant and they both have ILR. His mother is ill and disabled and his father is 64 and looks after his mother. His father is on the waiting list for housing.

He wanted to know what benefits they would be entitled to particularly his parents. His mother has been ill for over a year and both his parents are British. The property is very overcrowded.

He brought people into property to maximise his income.

David was advised that if the property is deemed overcrowded by the LA then they could force the landlord to evict them as this could be a building regulations/health and safety issue. The LA could also take legal action against the landlord or the tenant including criminal prosecution. It could also affect housing entitlement such as housing allocations and homelessness applications if they are found to be intentionally homeless.

He was also advised that his mother could claim ESA and PIP. His dad may be able to claim PC or/and SP once he reaches pension age.

They could claim CB and potentially CTC depending on their household income.

Based upon their entitlement to these benefits, David and his family would receive an additional £13,650 per annum.


Sally submitted a claim for Housing Benefit in October 2016.

She provided all the required information, as detailed on the claim form.

The client contacted the benefit office numerous times over a few weeks to chase up the claim, but nothing was forthcoming. We contacted Advice & Benefits via email to request an up – date on the claim and explained that the client was accruing rent arrears and there appeared to be no obvious reason for the extensive delay.

We also wrote to RBG twice, and as a result, they finally commenced payment of Housing Benefit of £195.66 per week, which was followed by a back dated payment of £4820.37.

Without our intervention, the client may have continued to accrue arrears resulting in eviction.

The client was very happy and thanked us.