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Jackie was residing in local authority accommodation with her three dependent children. She approached us and explained that there was severe damp and mould throughout her flat which caused damage to her belongings, some of which she had to throw out.

She suffers from significant medical conditions which include Graves’ disease, uncontrolled Type 1 diabetes, muscle weakness, breathlessness, weight loss and a rapid pulse rate.

Her youngest child has significant respiratory problems and suffers from sleep apnoea and felt that both their conditions were being exacerbated by the damp and mould in the flat.

She complained to her Tenancy Officer several times, however they were uncooperative and on one occasion they informed her that the damp and condensation was caused by her hanging her washing up indoors and that she should go to her mother’s house if she wants to wash her clothes, which we felt was an unacceptable response.

We provided her with extensive advice on her housing options and disrepair situation including the possibility of making a homelessness application.

We also instructed our Voluntary Chartered Surveyor to inspect her property and report back on the severity of the damp and mould in the property. This was necessary to support any legal action she may want to take.

Our surveyor provided a detailed report on their findings which was presented to the Local Authority. Fortunately, this proved to be instrumental in our client being offered suitable alternative accommodation without the need for any further action being taken.

From a policy perspective, this case demonstrates the continuing need for independent advice agencies to be a champion for the vulnerable and the importance of maintaining close links with local organisations and professionals to ensure effective resolution.

What our clients are saying………?

“More organisations such as yours are needed in communities, to help people such as myself to have a voice, to access benefits and supports we would have otherwise been deprived of. I pray that the Government will continue to assist you in your efforts and endeavours to people of the varied communities, who are being helped and supported by your services.”

“The care that you show to others stands out from the rest. Thanks for all your help.”

“A wonderful organisation, non-judgemental, very knowledgeable, very patient, PERFECT.”